Sunday, 12 May 2013

Leeson Park Avenue

If you have been following my blog for sometime you will have noticed I mention my (twin) sister Enid a lot. 
I may have also mentioned Enid's blog also.  She originally started blogging when her husband and her began renovating an old Victorian Dublin house.  Now that their building project is over (and they are living in the house) she blogs about daily Dublin life. 
It was Enid who actually got me into blogging! 160 posts later - thank you Enid :-)
Anyhoo the reason for this post is to blog about something I like about her house.  I stayed the night in hers last night - coincidentally both our husbands were away this weekend - and as I opened the shutters this morning I just thought wow... Imagine being lucky enough to live in a house that has shutters and large shutterboxes instead of curtains!

I also like this big old fireplace.And I particularly like this painting done by her husband - I think the modern style art against the old style Laura Ashley wallpaper is a really great contrast.

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  1. Excellent - AND - Lovely!
    Thank you for the view.