Saturday 5 October 2013

Guest Bedroom (after)

I have no before shots of the guest bedroom (it was an afterthought that I would do this room) but basically it was very plain white walls, with one blue wall.

The walls are now painted the same colour as the downstairs and hall, stairs and landing.  I got the same carpet everywhere as well.

And then the major change I switched the cast iron bed room from the master bedroom to this room.

The new bed linen and curtains are from IKEA(!!!) of course!


  1. I always like this Ikea bed spread. I think it is available in another colour too.

  2. Amy,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Lovely to have found your blog, we have very similar style I must say. I already follow Enid's blog and now I have found a new blog to follow too. You are doing great work on your home. Your guest bedroom is very like mine, I also have that duvet cover from IKEA. When we initially started painting our house, I would have liked white everywhere but I never realised it is quite difficult to get the style of the room right then, so I only have only one bedroom white. Going for a look around your other posts now.

    All things nice...