Wednesday 13 November 2013

Christmas Canape planning

I am planning some canapes for Christmas.

This year I am going to really focus on the presentation.
I am thinking of serving all the food as little mini bites or in little mini glasses.

These are schnaps glasses from Ikea.  I was preferably looking for mini martini glasses but they are quite expensive so this is a nice budget alternative.
An Irish staple at Christmas is brown bread and smoked salmon - I am thinking of doing a "deconstructed" version in these glasses!

I think these will be perfect for a cold soup/gazpacho (Ikea again)

And finally! I bought these small cute kiln jars today,
I will use these for hummous dips with veg crudites.

Aren't they adorable!
I've put them beside a carton of juice below to show you their scale


  1. I think the Kilner jars in Brown Thomas are even smaller

    1. Yes there were smaller ones in Stock as well. But I think they were too small... (not really efficient/usable)

  2. We can go to Brown Thomas on Friday :-)

  3. Deconstructed salmon on brown bread!!? Too far Amy ...

    1. Ha ha ha! Deconstructed salmon and deconstructed brown bread.

      served in glass:
      Salmon mouse, with crumbled brown bread and lemon juice. Nyom!