Saturday 12 April 2014

Local library

I was feeling bored this afternoon, so to while away an hour or two I called into my local library.  I don't go regularly enough - funnily tends to be when "I'm bored" - and every time I go, I say I must go more regularly.

I got some great books today.  Plus I got a bag!     
The six books I borrowed today were all different shapes and sizes so this book was really handy.

I got a nice little selection of books:
  • A book about Chanel Jewellery - some great pics of stunning pieces: from the 30's 40's and 50's yet are timeless in style
  • A book with some ideas for things to make from doughcraft
  • Heirloom crafts 
  • Some crime books: book about a missing girl who was finally discovered murdered 17 years later, a (true) story of a NASA employee who stole (priceless) moon rocks, and an Ann Rule book.
Ann Rule is my guilty pleasure :-D

And finally!  
This is a new video made by Fingal Libraries about the library services they provide.
Check out my twin sister Enid (of  Renovating LPA blog) who took part in the video.  
Didn't she do well!

What cool services does your library provide?!

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  1. Did you return the Ben Needham book? I must borrow it.

    I love Ann Rule too!