Sunday 8 June 2014

Sunday Brunch and Jazz at the Gibson Hotel

Enid (of renovating lpa) and I arranged to meet our friend Alice for brunch in The Gibson Hotel this morning.

We had a good old catch up :-)
And the food wasn't half bad either!

First up a little amuse bouche
Strawberry yoghurt smoothie and little fruit and custard pastry.
These were a really cute teeny tiny size.  I put my ring on the plate to show the scale - the first photo I took made them look huge.

We ordered some salmon and tuna sashimi to share.  Alice noted that some ginger would have finished the plate off.  Plus we all agreed that the tuna was not rare enough.

I got the Gibson full fry - great flavours...a little cold though!
Enid and Alice both got the Eggs Royale - Eggs Benedict but with salmon instead of ham.  Enid got her hollandaise sauce on the side.
They both really enjoyed it - in particular the English muffin which Enid figured were freshly baked.

Two vodka and diet cokes (sure Enid and I weren't driving!)
Orange Juice
A tea and two coffees
€64 before tip.

Oh!  And let's not forget the nice little jazz quartet playing in the corner.  All in all quite nice.
3.5/5...mainly because my fry was on the cold side.