Sunday 6 December 2015

Mid Century Modern Gingerbread House

 I am part of a Mid Century Modern group on facebook and we are holding an MCM gingerbread house competition.
To create my house I used two Ikea kits and hacked the two together
The front and back panel are the standard Ikea kit.
The panel on then left and right are ones that I cut to size.
The piece in the middle is a support that I added in order to support my mcm roof.
Can you see the way the middle support stands proud of all the walls?  This is because the roof rests on this.
The roof is on!
I have filled in the gap below the roof with a cut of gingerbread. I plan to fill some icing there also, and some candy "garland".
I have added a flat roof carport on the right of the house.
A snowfall has covered the mcm roof and the flat roof!
The little cracks on the front of the carpart is where there was a construction accident requiring repairs.
I made my own icing - icing sugar and egg whites whipped stiff.
So whaddya think?!