Monday, 30 May 2016

The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory

Considering I have been to the wonderful island of Key West many many times I did not think there was more magical places to discover and new things to do.  How wrong I was!
Near to the end of our trip I suggested to Dad that we go to the butterfly conservatory.  I figured it was something he would like, and I figured it would be an "ok" thing to do.  He was very keen, he said he had been to one in the UK and he really enjoyed it.
Entrance fee was around $13 which is fairly standard for attractions in KW.  Dad as a senior paid €9.
In we went and within seconds a butterfly landed on my shoulder blade and I quickly snapped a selfie!
The feeling of a butterfly's wings gently resting on your skin is just wonderful!
What is also wonderful was just walking and watching all the butterflies flitting and floating.  It was enchanting, and incredibly relaxing.

While we strolled through the trail another butterfly landed on my arm.  For the remainder of our visit, every now and again I stood still with my arms out to entice another butterfly landing but with no success.  From reading online it seems I was really lucky to get these two resting on me! 
Now, as great as the butterflies were wait until you hear about the flamingos!!! 

The conservatory also has two beautiful flamingos called Rhett & Scarlett. 

We were lucky enough to visit at a time when the flamingos were out having one of their daily walks.  I say walk but they go pretty fast!!!  Even on those spindly thin legs of theirs.  It's funny watching them strutting like supermodels.
They don't seem afraid of anything and come right up to you - I was afraid they might bite but the staff assured me they would not.

This photo makes me laugh. 
Looks like Dad was afraid too!!!

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