Sunday 25 March 2018

What a lovely weekend!

This weekend I decided to take a little break away from Dublin.  Here I am on the bus to Galway at 7.15am on Saturday morning.  I was up early as I wanted to wash my hair before I set off, but as you can see I look pretty happy with myself to be up and out, and on the road!

When I arrived in Galway I had an hour before my next bus to bring me right into the heart of  the gaeltacht area of Connemara. So as is tradition I went into Garveys across the road from the bus station for some food and coffee.
As it was still so early in the morning I went for the full Irish and it was very good indeed.
After a lovely day pottering around the house - indoors and outdoors - sunset arrived and the night drew in.
You just don't get views like this in Dublin do you?!

I settled in for the night with a lovely fire and a little drink for the evening. An open fire is a real treat in this day and age I think you will agree. There's really nothing like the look and smell of it, and of course the heat from it is fabulous. 
On Sunday morning I woke to this glorious view

Sadly it was time to go but not before I managed to fix the zipper on my weekend bag (which I had managed to break by overstuffing on the day previous - oops).  All's well that ends well and I do enjoy doing diy/craft stuff like this.  Quite proud of myself too if truth be told!

I had a brilliant time away, I feel truly lucky to have access to such beautiful part of Ireland in such a cute little cottage beside that amazing lake (what a view!!),
*** *** ********************************** *** ***

In other news! At 9 years of age Bones went to the cinema to see his first full film today.
As I travelled home on the bus I followed the exploits of Enid, Ciaran and Bones at the cinema with a big load of other pups and doggos for a first ever #dogfriendly movie screening in Ireland.  It looked ridiculous but apparently was a great success according to Enid. If you'd like to read more about this Enid has done a full trip report over on her blog.


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