Sunday 8 April 2018

Sunday funday

This morning I was up out and early to meet Enid at 10am.  It was a lovely bright morning as you can see from this photo I snapped out the back window of my building beside the lift.

We headed off to the Solomon gallery beside the Westbury to check out the last day of Incognito in aid of the Jack and Jill foundation.  The chance of buying a Tracy Emin for €50 is a clever concept!

They started with 1600 postcard sized pieces of art, amongst them 3 Pigsy's, and this is what remains! The charity surely has to be happy with that.
We spent the remainder of the morning looking for a dress for Enid for an upcoming wedding - which we found in "& Other Stories" - and drinking coffee and chatting in Starbucks.  It was a lovely morning.

Then this afternoon I used a glue gun for the very first time! It was awesome. 
Thanks Enid for the loan of it :-)

A while back if you remember I blogged about this amazing birthday gift I was given (a shell from the site of The Atocha shipwreck) and how I mounted it.  Today I changed the backing paper to a pale greyish blue to represent the sea.  Previously it was white paper and it always jarred with me.  It's a subtle difference I admit, but I am so much happier with it now.
If you are interested, click here to see how Enid mounted her shell!

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