Sunday 5 August 2018

August Bank Holiday lakehouse weekend

I'm just back from the most glorious few days spent in a little part of Irish heaven in a house by a lake.  This might be a short blog but I am sure you will find that the photos below capture the spirit of the weekend (aka the awesomeness!). 

Amongst other things we drank wine and ate lovely food,  Relaxed with vodka and beer - while sitting outside reading (Enid & Amy) and sketching (Ciaran) while waiting for sunset.  We took a lovely spin around the gaeltacht region, dropping into the Connemara airport - hoping we might be able to buy plane tickets and take the 8 minute flight across to the Aran Islands but they were completely booked up. We visited the beautiful beach famous for it's coral sand and laughed at how Bones was practically camouflaged - he was the colour of the sand!
On Saturday afternoon we strolled into the village and had a pint in the local pub - and a quick game of pool.  It was also useful as we could access wifi in the pub.  There is nil to none coverage in the house. It's a real digital detox which is fantastic.
We twice clambered down the hand made stone path from the house to the shore of the lake and sat on rocks - chatting, and enjoying the sounds of the water lapping against the stones. What else?  Oh yes,(because we are nerds) we had a fun Saturday night playing quiz games and scrabble.  And finally, today on the way home we stopped in at the Spiddal Craft Village where Enid and I bought super fun rings made out of vintage 1 penny Irish (pre-euro) coins.

Enjoy the photos!

Ps. I cannot take credit for that adorable kissing horses shot - that was Pigsy

Pps. A special mention to Bones who was a very good boy for the whole weekend

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