Sunday 16 September 2018

Impromptu and wonderful meetups with great friends

Over the past week I've had a great time catching up with good friends.

First up Dionne Warwick.  Noooo silly, I'm not friends with Dionne Warwick.  But I am friends with some of the guys who play in her band.  So last Monday Enid, Alice and I went to the concert which was completely amazing by the way - I hand on heart think this was her best show yet (and I've been to a few over the years!). 
 And then afterwards we met up backstage with our lovely friends of 15 years or so. 

Here's to many more years of friendship and meetups when the fellas are back in Dublin (You know. Because #tourlife!)

New friends! We met the exquisite singer Cheyenne Elliot who just happens to be Miss Dionne Warwick's grand daughter (and Whitney Houston's cousin).  With that kind of musical blood in her veins no surprise that she is wonderfully talented,  but she also is just a lovely sweet and nice (and FUN!) person too.

Then this weekend I had absolutely nothing planned - in fact I was staying in Ranelagh minding Bones while Enid and Ciaran were in Bristol at the film festival for a showing of the Pigsy film

But some last minute invitations meant that:

I met Cillian, Aidan and Maria in Ruin on Friday night for a small glass of vino
And then I met Ann in McSorleys, Ranelagh on Saturday for two little ones

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