Monday 6 May 2019

Derby day!

My first Kentucky Derby day and it was FUN!

Bit of light relief at work modelling our derby day head wear.  
If you are wondering about the crown I am wearing - it is owned by King Paul of Fantasy Fest and is displayed behind the bar in The Saint Hotel on Eaton Street.  

After work I met some friends to watch the race.  I had a lovely mint julep and my first ever Hot Brown which is traditionally served at the Kentucky Derby.  I can report that a Hot Brown sandwich is delicious!  The race itself was exciting and am sure you will have seen or heard about the "historic" result!  
Call me biased though, I will say I think the Grand National (English and Irish) are more exciting races.  

After the derby I had another event to go to - a casino night in aid of the Rotary Club of Key West. I pulled a Little Black Dress from the back of my wardrobe and off we went to the Marriott beachside resort hotel.  It was a fun event and a successful fundraiser which is always great.

The next day I may or may not have been the tiniest bit seedy aka tired.  When I got an invite to go to IHOP for a pancake breakfast/brunch I jumped at it.  Not something I would do every week but nice as a one off bit of a treat!

I continued the Kentucky Derby theme by wearing my new Woodford Reserve Derby tshirt to the IHOP.

I have no photographs but to finish out the weekend we ate grilled fish tacos made from the remainder of the fish from the last fishing trip.  It was funny, eating fish tacos and drinking cold Corona, totally unplanned, but perfect as it was Cinco de Mayo!!

I hope your weekend was as lovely!

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