Monday 30 September 2019

Productive Day on Duval!

This morning being "my Sunday" (Nb. I don't work Monday's.  BUT I do work Saturdays) I got up early and started on some chores.

First up, I got a new battery for my watch.  I've been watch-less for a while now, and it's been reeeeeeally bugging me.  Feels good to have a timepiece back on my person!

Afterwards I spent a little time in Gap and Banana Republic.  I also took a little stroll in to Coach. Just.For.A.Look you understand.

Town is busy it has to be said!  It's good to have the tourists back from an economic perspective but I  did find it a little jarring....walking around Gap when you are used to having it to yourself...I was surprised how territorial I felt lol.

I then took a trip up the library on Fleming.  It's a cute little library, but I guess big by island standards.  I returned my Elin Hilderbrand - a couple of days late but the 10c per day fine was waived "you have a few days grace".  I borrowed two more books and have got stuck into them since - one of them I brought to the beach this afternoon.

Segueing nicely, let me tell you how delightful of an afternoon I had at the beach!  The weather, after the blistering heat of the Summer, is just perfect at this time of the year.  I had a good book as I already mentioned.  And I had the most beautiful lunch of home made kedgeree.

Life is good!

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