Monday 9 November 2020

Storm Eta

Storm or Hurricane Eta was forecast to hit this morning - potentially a Category 1 hurricane. We prepared, for the first time ever, by putting up (on??) our storm shutters.

The good old low tech 70 year old clam shell shutters folded in perfectly, and were easily secured.  And the other ones were not too difficult in the end either - with some assistance from our good friend and neighbor Bill.  We will be able to do them ourselves in the future but was great to have his help for the first time.

Long story short we went to bed at the normal time, slept soundly through the night and woke up to NOTHING this morning.  A good complaint. Seems the storm bypassed Key West and headed up further North.  Yes, we have to rewind all the prep work we did yesterday.  But at least we don't have that and storm damage and clean up etc to deal with.

Pics of the little blue house all shuttered up below!

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