Monday 28 December 2020

Christmas 2020

I am doing the Irish thing so Christmas is not over until January 2nd 2021 at the earliest.

Today we got up early, I drank a baileys coffee and then we went out on the baby boat to check the crab traps.  We struck out on the traps and caught nothing.  A little disappointing and we were a little dispirited on the return until we caught sight of some dolphins! We stopped the boat and just took the time to enjoy watching the dolphins as they frolicked around us.  What a joy.

Came home. I drank another baileys coffee (it's Christmas) and then headed downtown to do some banking and to pop my head into the hotel to say hi. I then went wild and did something I never do and went and treated myself to a few luxury items that I did not necessarily need... Got myself a pack of three masks in Lilly Pulitzer because I adore Lilly, and had lost my original mask and you can only buy them in threes in the store.  Popped into Coach "just for a look" and ended up with a water buffalo leather (feels like silk) wallet (aka pocket book) and an adorable new hand bag (aka purse).  

Home. Little bit of lunch (brie and serrano ham on rye bread) and spent the afternoon in the pool.

Just before heading to Half Shell Raw Bar for dinner checked the mail and was delighted to get some great news, I was waiting for, in the post.

After dinner, spent a little more time in pool (perfect temperature) and in bed now all set for work tomorrow.

Good night all!

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