Monday 23 August 2021

Inter Miami FC v Toronto FC Drv Pink Stadium

We took a little trip in the jeep up to Fort Lauderdale/Miami to see a football (sorry, soccer!!) match this weekend.  I may or may not have been enticed into this football watching thing by the chance of seeing David Beckham.  He does after all own Inter Miami FC.
Delighted with how the jeep handled the drive.  To be fair it felt like it almost needed the stretch and responded accordingly.  We stayed in a hotel, just a 5 minute walk from the stadium - the stroll being right alongside the concourse/runway of the executive airport was a bonus. I do love aircrafts, especially private jets, lol!  And Patrick RELAXED at the hotel! Imagine!!! He actualy lay by the pool both on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. 
The less said about the football the better.  It was not a good score for Toronto FC.  But it was some quality play, heck you'll take what you can.
And of course I just loooooove stadium food and drinkies :)
We were home early Sunday afternoon - in time to sneak out for a few hours fishing - all in all a lovely little get away!

Hey! We saw David Beckham,  To assist you in seeing him, I've added a helpful arrow to this photo

Why does it look like I photoshopped myself into a random football stadium?!

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