Sunday 29 January 2023

Flying visit!

About two or three months ago, Alice told me that she would be (relatively) near me in Anna Maria Island/Bradenton and hoped we could meet.  We immediately made arrangements that she would fly down on a Sunday morning during her holiday and back on Tuesday morning.  

The plot thickens when with literally about 24 hours to go before seeing Alice, I suggested to Enid, that she look at flights and "just come".  Well, we knew she was in trouble when she saw the price of flights, there were amaaazing, no getting out of it now!

So Enid came over.  That's pretty much it tbh.  Can't polish it up more than that. Lol.  And we went to the airport to pick up Alice - dressed in the same clothes, Enid standing with Patrick and me hiding (badly) behind a pillar.  And all of us laughing hysterically.  I won't go into details but our little airport prank, while funny, failed miserably!

We packed a ton of activities in over the day and a half/two days.  Went out on the boat to check the crab traps, ate stone crab, drank prosecco while chatting in the pool, key lime pie, beach time, cocktails and lovely food.  We did it all!  And while it was too short of a time before Alice went back to her AM island we were delighted with how much we did and the time spent together.

And that left Enid and I.  What a lovely time we had.  I was going to take some time off work but in the end I just left Enid to her own devices during the day and we got together in the evening.  She went fishing one day and caught a TON which we cooked in the house one evening.  We went to Martin's for wine and tapas which was just great.  And of course Half Shell Raw Bar and Alonzos.  And during the day she did lovely things like museums and the beach.

Oh! We also met every morning before my work for a coffee and chat in Cuban Coffee Queen.  Was so nice!

The time came around too quick too for her leaving too.  But wow.  What a great time spent here.

A few small photos which capture things nicely.

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