Sunday 10 March 2024

Mac's Place

 Mac's Place is now open! Really, really nice to have a new good option within in walking distance of the house - plus also on the water, always nice :)

Yesterday we went out to check our crab traps late in the afternoon.  Very happy with 4 decent sized ones.  Also tried a new method of removing their claws which worked really well and is supposed to be much more humane so that got a bit thumbs up from the two of us,

We floated around a bit just enjoying the sun starting to go down and then we hopped on the bikes and headed down to Mac's - yes with the cooler of crab claws lol.

Just had one beverage and split a burger - the Cowboy.  Good work by their kitchen and all front of house.  Excited to become locals of this cool new bar!

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