Sunday 21 October 2012

Health & Wellbeing week in work

Great week in work this week.  Throughout the week there was lots of activities and freebies which you could partake in as you wished (or not).

Here are the things I did:
1. Arrived in on Monday to be greeted by my gift of a coffee mug - nice!  The thinking behind the mugs are that they are better for the environment than the disposables we normally use.  Plus will also save money for the company rather than buying all those disposable cups.

2. Lunchtime running group (Monday)
I ran a mile non stop!!!  15 minutes - very slow I know - of non stop running.  I was very proud of myself.

3. 5 point 5 minute Health Check.  We had nurses in the office who did a 5 point health check: BMI, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Body fat percentage.  I was within normal range for everything except my cholesterol was a little high :-(  I really need to think about my diet to reduce this...

4.  On Tuesday & Wednesday I was out of the office on a course.  I missed out on: free smoothies and also a very good talk on breast cancer/breast checks from a lady from the Marie Keating foundation.

5. Thursday.  I did a 40 minute spinning class!  It was excellent.  I did spinning a long time ago but I pushed it too hard from the start and felt nauseas and faint during the class. Because of this I have always been turned off trying it again.  This time I knew what to expect so I took things at a better pace.  It was a super class.  I really enjoyed it.

6.  On Thursday I also got my flu vaccination.  I have got this every year for the last 12 years (through my company) and touch wood I have never got the flu.

7.  We had a Wine Tasting social on Thursday evening.  It was really nice.  Our canteen manager did some fabulous cheese boards and the wine was really nice.  My FAVOURITE wine of all times was one of the featured wines:  Malbec (An Argentinian wine).  Apparently I am very much on trend (!) as this wine is gaining huge popularity with Irish wine drinkers.  So said the wine merchant who was hosting the evening anyway.

8.. Friday - Lunchtime Treasure hunt.  I went out with some members of my team for a nice little 30 minute walk/treasure hunt.  The clues were not too taxing and it was nice getting some air at lunchtime.  We completed all the clues and two of our team won 20euro vouchers so that was cool!

9.  Finally Health & Wellbeing week came to a close with an ice-cream van outside our building from 1 - 3 pm.  At 15 minute intervals the tinkly music of the ice-cream van sounded over our intercom and we all went down for an ice-cream cone (99's!) - once, not every 15 minutes :-)

It was a brilliant week.  And whoa! Reading all of the above I really took advantage of all that was on offer.  It has really inspired me and hopefully I will get into a habbit of doing regular daily exercise.

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  1. Ice-cream!!! For health and well being week???!! Never mind the wine!