Monday 29 October 2012

Key West - accommodation recommendation

I go to Key West alot!  In my opinion there is no place in the world like it.  For me (who loves vacationing in the United States) it feels like America but with a unique (hard to describe) atmosphere and feel.

It is a very quirky place.  I will blog all about KW, my experiences, and what I like to do there some day soon, but for the moment I would like to recommend a place to stay in Key West!

I used to stay in hotels in KW but someone suggested to me that I stay in a vacation rental.  Since then I have stayed in, a cute little cottage Bahama Breeze.  For me I love this because I like to imagine when I am in KW that I am live there and am not just a visitor!!!!!!

  I especially like the hot tub - we make margerita's in the blender and drink them in the tub!!!

Check out more photos here.  Plus look out for future blogs of mine on the amazing Key West!

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