Monday 28 July 2014

Dirty Dancing at the Grand Canal Theatre

Enid and I went to the closing night of Dirty Dancing last week and it was a really great night.

First we went to Tribeca in Ranelagh.  
We love this place.  
A glass of Malbec and a hamburger - I have never ordered anything different here!!!!!  Even though everything else smells so nice and looks so good I just can't resist the hamburgers.  They are the best hamburgers I have ever eaten - and that includes America.

Dirty Dancing
Overall I really really enjoyed the whole night and the production as a whole.
Was it the best musical I have ever seen?  No, but as I said overall I really enjoyed the night.

The pros!
The DANCING!!!!  The dancing was incredible.
Johnny Castle!  The guy who played Johnny was very hawt :-)
Johnny Castle's muscles! The guy who played Johnny had awesome arm muscles
The feel - I really think they captured the conservative feel of an exclusive summer resort in the 60's.  I felt like I was THERE.
I liked the additional scenes which were different to the film - the folks singing We Shall Overcome around the campfire.
The theme of standing up and fighting for what you feel and believe, I think came through even stronger than the film.
The chalet/bedroom scenes between Baby and John were very evocative

The cons!
I found the acting - especially Baby :-(  - to be a little bit screechy.  But I don't know if that is just theatre and we were right up the back so maybe they just need to overact to get the message up to us all up in the Gods.
The costumes - I loved the WINE coloured Kellerman t-shirts the men staff wore, but I don't know why the girls staff then wore RED skirts.  Note to production: this is not England/they were not redcoats, should've gone for wine in my opinion.
A lot of the jokes fell flat. Maybe shouldn't have gone down the comedic route at all??

So, I say again I had a great night but have to admit that I wouldn't be rushing to see it again.  BUT it did whet my appetite for ROCK OF AGES which I am going to see (again) at the end of September.  I cannot wait!

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