Wednesday 9 July 2014

iPad lost, iSad. iPad found, iHappy.

I did something really really stupid and left my iPad on the train on Monday morning.

How the hell did I do that?!!!!  Well let me explain.
In Dublin we have this free newspaper (the Metro) which I was reading on the train.  I had my iPad on the table also and when I finished the newspaper I put it on top of the iPad.  I then dozed off for a few minutes...I sometimes do this on the train :-) And while I was starting to doze off, I actually remember thinking, now that is a really silly place for your iPad, you're going to forget it because you can't see it.  And what did I do? Exactly that!

So when I realised I had left it *umm which was only about 4 hours later (embarrassed face)*, I got straight onto Iarnrod Eireann (Irish Rail) and talked to some very helpful people who set about trying to help me. It had not been handed in to Lost Property at this point...which was not good news.

By 6pm that evening I really had given up hope.  But (co-incidentally enough) while I was on the train home Irish Rail rang me to say that it had been handed in.  They sounded very surprised - but happy for me.

So the next morning I collected it in the main Dublin station on my way into work.  The phone number of the guy who had handed it in was there as well.  I texted him to tell him how grateful I was.  Plus I asked for his address as I wanted to send him something small.  He replied saying my text was enough as he is just glad it is back with the owner, plus he hoped somebody would do the same for him some day.  I am sure Karma will be good to him in the future...

I really was so lucky to get it back.

I like to think that my "One Human Family" sticker on the iPad cover had something to do with it coming back to me! :-)


  1. Great story! I love the way they guy who handed it in didn't want anything from you. He must be a very decent guy indeed!

  2. Our Key West "One Human Family" belief can bring magic. Very nice story!