Sunday 31 August 2014

Sunday dinner - stuffed pork steak

Today I decided I would do a few chores to keep myself busy.  
First of all I mowed the lawn and cleaned the front garden.  Then I went off to the shops to buy something for dinner.

I decided to make a stuffed pork steak.  I cheated and bought some ready made sage and onion stuffing, but I did stuff and string it up myself.

After 45 minutes at 175 degrees it was looking good.

I served it with some nice green beans, carrots, baby corn and new potatoes.  Plus a nice gravy.
If I say so myself it was really really tasty and a very easy dinner to make.

What did you have for dinner/lunch today?!


  1. Looks yum!!! Good job. I hadeef Bourguion reheat for dinner

  2. Did you notice the green veggies, Enie? The entire meal looks fabulous !

    1. that's serious staging.....Amy doesn't eat a single green veg!