Monday 25 August 2014

Review of Seller Beware by Denise Barnes

My twin sister is a librarian and is the best book "recommender" ever.  I love calling out to her library when she is in work as I am guaranteed a great week for the next week.

Last week I called out and she pointed me out a book on Tom Gilmartin which she thought I'd enjoy.  It's right up my street and I am steadily working my way through it at the moment.

She is in a new library which is really nice - bright and airy and most importantly Great Stock of new and old books.

I chose one other book which just caught my eye as I was browsing.  I found a nice little armchair in the new library and started reading it while I was waiting for my sister to finish up and I was hooked!

Seller Beware by Denise Barnes is an intriguing read about a woman who built up an admirable business over 20/30 years and how practically overnight almost lost it all.

She has now written this book as an (honest) warning of what not to do if you are in her position - or I guess what she would do differently if she was to do it all over again.

It is not difficult to feel sympathy for the author, but I have to admit during the read there were times I was saying "noooooo" don't do it.  However, you can also see how it happened.  Events lead to events and there were knock ons from everything - once that train was running on the track it was impossible to stop.

It is a great (but sad!!!) little read.  While a sad story, I found the author's attitude uplifting and I have no doubt that Ms Barnes will rise again. I wish her all the best in her future career whatever she decides to do. As for the two villains of the story (read it, you'll see), I am at a loss to say what I wish for them!!!!

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  1. Ooooh sounds great!!! I am going to borrow this after you!