Sunday 14 September 2014

Skoff Pies by Donal Shehan

I saw these on offer in my local supermarket at 2 for €5 compared to usual price of €3.50 so I decided to sample.

20 minutes in the oven heating it up and you've got your perfect little pie.

Pulled Pork - this one was the nicest I thought, good bbq flavour and succulent pork.
Beef & Stout - very disappointing, not enough flavour: not beefy enough and definitely not stouty enough.
Chicken & ham - nice and creamy, neither good nor bad.

Not bad as a "dinner for one" fast food type of meal.


  1. Replies
    1. No they are big. Big single serving. Don't think you'd share. I "sampled" them all over the whole weekend. Only ate two mouthfuls of the beef & stout. Didn't finish the pastry on the other two.
      They are nice.. But I won't rush to buy them again - just because I don't want to get into "pie eating" habbit