Saturday 27 September 2014

Very sick Harry

Last weekend Harry was a bit out of sorts.
On Monday the vet diagnosed him with a bladder/urinary tract infection and put him on all kinds of antibiotics and medication.

After Cilla night I got home pretty late (about 10.45pm) and when I got in it was apparent that Harry had got worse rather than better.  He had vomited (on the stairs carpet!) and he was lying on my bed motionless like a rag doll.  Normally if you pick up his paw he will go to scratch or slap your hand away, whereas he allowed me pick up his paw, no claws at all, and then when I let go it just dropped listlessly down.

I was pretty worried and in fact I thought "I'd be worried he won't see the night through".
I rang the vet and while she said he didn't sound well she also said that she could not say over the phone if he needed to come in or not - that it was my call.

Aoife the vet from Hillcrest vets was 30 minutes away so I met her outside the clinic at about 11.30pm.

As soon as she examined Harry she knew what the problem was.  The bladder infection had got worst and he was now blocked - and there were crystals forming in his urine and if he did not have emergency straightaway his bladder would rupture.  She also explained that there was risk with the surgery with putting him under anaesthetic as with the urine issue it meant his electrolytes could start going crazy.  

 Aoife performed surgery until 2am when she sent a text to say everything went fine and he had woke up okay after the anaesthetic.

He came home on Tuesday morning all brand new.  Only visible effects are the two little areas on his fore legs where he was shaved.

He is doing great now.  But he will have to go on a special diet/food to prevent the crystalysing happening again.  Plus he needs to lose weight.  Difficult - Harry loves his food.

He is due back for checkup on Tuesday so I have a little gift prepared for the surgery:
Box of chocolates.
Cute card with kitty on it.
This sign: Warning Premises Guarded by Attack Cat (click on link to view)


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  2. I am so glad to read the happy outcome.

    What a great gift!

  3. How's Harry recovering? We're so happy you caught it in time.

    1. Aww thanks for your kind words Enjoywine1. He is completely recovered and back to his usual self. He's now on a special (very expensive!) diet so hopefully the problem won't occur again.