Monday 13 October 2014


Yesterday was an adventurous Sunday to say the least.

Enid and I had arranged to meet at our mothers house to give it a good clean - Mam was in hospital for the last two weeks (hip replacement) and is due out soon.

On her drive over Enid had an "experience" which I can only sum up as "All's well that ends well, but it really really makes you think of being more security conscious".
It is a story that applies no matter where you live in the world so worth a read I think  - click on the link to her blog post here.

After the cleaning our cousin Kasey had invited us around to her apartment for some brunch.
Superquinn sausages!  Yum!!
All fun and games until we turned away for a second and Kasey found Bones up on the table finishing off the leftover sausages.  Bold dog!  
But seeing as he had been such a hero with Enid earlier on (read her blog post!) we decided to forgive him.

It was such a nice day, nothing like October at all, and we decided to go for a walk along the river Tolka which is near Kasey's house - she has the Royal Canal on one side and the Tolka on the other side.

Here are some pics taken along the way.  Yes Enid and I look pretty "rough" in the pictures. I remind you we were doing house cleaning that morning.  Kasey said I looked liked something out of  Love/Hate and that I was dressed for disposing of dead bodies!!!!

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