Monday 8 December 2014

A limitless co-incidence???

I was staying over in Enid's house last Thursday as we had our final visit to UCD the next morning for the Twin Study that we recently took part in.  Before we went to her house we popped into the Swan Centre as I needed to pick up something in Dunnes Stores.

The Swan Centre is one of the funniest places ever, Enid and I slag it by calling it a Dead Mall, but saying that, we always have fun there - and tonight was no different.

As we passed Dubray Books we saw they were having a book party/celebration with many authors speaking (Joseph O'Connor amongst them!) to celebrate 20 years in the Swan Centre.

We stood at the back and a nice friendly lady (a) offered us a glass of wine and (b) suggested we go up a side aisle to be nearer the speaker to hear better.

In we went and listened to a very nice man called Alan Glynn.  
I do like Dubray Books and while I was listening I was looking around.  I drew Enid's attention to a shelf beside her which said "local author - John Connolly" and we both gave a little nod and smile - we like things like that, bookshops going out of their way to highlight something interesting etc.
I then pointed to the next shelf which had another "local author" on it, and we both looked at each other in surprise - it was Alan Glynn!!!!

What are the chances that we could end up on the aisle, beside the shelf containing a book written by the person who was speaking????

And then we saw the book on the shelf - Limitless! This was the man who had written the book of the film Limitless, a film with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro.  
"I love that film!!!" the two of us mouthed at the same time.

So here it is, the man behind the book - literally :-)

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