Wednesday 31 December 2014

Heaven on Earth

The last few days I had the most wonderful time in my friends house.  Below are a few photos and words which might give you a flavour of the great time we had.

On arrival we sat around chatting drinking tea out of beautiful china cups.

We all then went for a walk along the beach (which is at the back of the house).

We then came back to the house where we settled in for the night with some drinks before dinner.
Dinner was incredible - my friends are amazing cooks.  We had a fabulous cooked ham, with mashed and roasted potatoes and honey roast veg with the most beautiful gravy.  

Next morning we got up and had a great big Irish breakfast with a few additions - Tony took some of the leftovers from dinner and made them even better; refried in butter mash potatoes, roast potatoes recooked with tomatoes and mushrooms.

We went out for another walk after breakfast.
I liked looking at all the houses near us - they were all very 1960's style (like the one we stayed in).  I went for a walk and took some photographs.

This one was my favourite

Nice country road and countryside.

We explored some fields and Tony brought us through an old abandoned house which had a caravan park (abandoned) and a disco on its site.  I love seeing things like that but it is also quite sad seeing buildings abandoned and falling apart.  

From there we went back down to the beach.  You can't see it from this photo but it was busy on the beach with a lot of families out walking.

When we got back from our walk we were all quite thirsty after the salty fried breakfast and the walk.
So Tony made some fresh lemonade for us all!!!!!

Heaven on earth!!!!!
Thank you to my wonderful hosts and to my other great friends who were there also, I had a wonderful time.


  1. Hope by "drinking tea" from china cups you mean "drinking cocktails from china cups"!!