Saturday 9 April 2016

Weekend gardening

My tropical plant/bush thingy is looking a little bit crazy so I said I'd get out today and prune all the brown old leaves(??) or fronds(??) out from underneath the fresh green ones.

It turns out that the those fronds (what is the correct word I wonder!!!) are tough little bad boys and I need to get a better tool to cut them with as what I was using just didn't cut the mustard.  Can you see the start I have made?  I will see if my dad has something better and will finish it off tomorrow.

I got a photo right inside it - you can see where I have cut out the section of the brown - I like the look of it already, it's like a pineapple.  Which as you may know I do love! 

Edit. Finished Result:

Looks so much better doesn't it.  And it's surprising how much extra light it allows into the front room also.

1 comment:

  1. That's one crazy tree thing! Are they in all your neighbours gardens or just yours? Wonder was it planted by the developer?