Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Phone Screen Protector

Earlier on today I blogged about my new phone.  I have learnt my lesson in the past so next on my shopping list was a screen protector and case for the phone.

Normally I get my screen protectors in Dealz - a sheet of sticky plastic for €1.49, job done.  However there were none in Dealz so after comparing prices in all the phone shops and Argos, I settled on this product below for €18.

Well!  I am saying it here and now, I will never be getting the Dealz one again.  This one might be much more expensive but it is also much much better.  It is thicker plastic (tempered glass as they call it), I know it will protect so much better.  Plus it was incredibly easy to apply.  Much more easy than the Dealz one - and looks much better, no bubbles whatsoever.  I cannot recommend this enough.

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