Saturday 6 August 2016

1956 Diary

I absolutely adore this!. 
This is my Grand-dad's diary from 1956. It's a teeny tiny little book with a few lines for each day.  He has entries for most weeks - not necessarily every day - a couple of words describing the day.
1956 was a year that there was a lot going on.  My Nana and Granda moved into the house that my mam was raised in, where I spent time in my childhood with my cousins, and where my Nana lives today. My aunt Audrey (their 5th child out of 13!) was born, my aunt Anne had to go into hospital for an ear operation, and my mother had an accident where her finger got caught in a door and was "chopped" - which 60 years later she still has the scar.


Happy birthday Audrey!
I will post again with some more entries from this diary.  I am meeting my mam tomorrow and would like to get a photo of the scar on her finger and post it with a  the entries about her little accident.

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