Saturday 20 August 2016

In the unlikely event of receiving a surprise package

Please excuse me if this post sounds a little  hysterical but truth is when I saw it I WAS hysterical.
I came home from work and there was a little small package waiting for me.
I never get parcels!!! Well certainly I never get parcels that I don't know about. I am not a massive online shopper - I like browsing and pottering too much - so again a parcel delivery is unusual for me.
Upon examining the parcel I did work out who and what it was.  It was from the Book Depository so I figured it was a book (doh!) and I figured it was from Enid the most amazing twin sister ever - a couple of weeks previously she had put an offer on facebook where you like and share her status about sending a book to someone and you get 6 back....yadda yadda yadda, or something like that...the crux of it being that books are being bought and shared around the world and hey that is no bad thing eh!
But I was intrigued what the book would be!  What did she choose for me??
I ripped it open and THIS appeared!
How lucky am I to get to re-read and OWN this great book.
Enid is a librarian and recommends me superb books all the time.
I should have known that of course it would be a perfect choice.  And it was.

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