Thursday, 9 March 2017

International Women's Day 2017

I arrived into work yesterday to a flower on my keyboard from one of my German colleagues.  How sweet was that. 
A great way to start the day I can tell you!

I had wanted to get up to O'Connell Street on my lunch break to support the Strike for Repeal protest.  Unfortunately I had meetings booked practically right through.  In fact when I came into work I noted that literally my last spare half hour without a meeting had been booked up overnight.  So I couldn't go...but, considering the attendance and the photos from the event it was a huge turnout so my one little no show did not impact!  I did however wear black as requested to show my support for the Repeal the 8th Amendment agenda (something I think you know I am passionate about).

And then later that day we had ice-cream in work! 
It was a pretty good Women's Day all in.

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