Thursday 9 March 2017

What I've been up to

My mother gave me this book. And my God I could kill her!  If you know me you will know that I don't do horror films or ghost stories etc.  I have learnt from experience that the effect on me for weeks (and months!!) afterwards is just not worth it.  Even now (15/20 years later??) the thought of the Sixth Sense still freaks me out!
So there I am reading this book which mam has personally recommended when it turns really really weird...a horror basically.  At 10.30pm at night! Just when I will be going asleep #funtimes!
How cute is this photo!  This is from Sunday night, near Stephen's Green.  I had my umbrella, and while I was still cold and kind of miserable it made me feel alive out walking in weather like this!
And this little girl splashing in her wellies with her mother made me smile :-)

My latest snack food is wasabi peanuts.  I figured they were so hot I wouldn't be able to eat many of them.  Turns out that is not a problem for me (I do like very hot curries btw!), the steam is practically coming out my ears and nostrils and I am loving it and still eating more and more!

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