Thursday 17 August 2017

Kevin Doyle and The Way it Was Orchestra - Elvis, a tribute: The Grand Social. A review.

There is a finite amount of Elvis impersonators in Ireland.  Off the top of my head there is Ciaran Hoolihan...and Frank Chisum (The Chis).  And then of course there is Kevin Doyle.

Although a young(ish) chap, Kevin has been "doing" Elvis for what must be 20 or 25 years at this point.  I am basing this on the fact that I think I first saw him perform in the Tivoli back when I was around 18/19.  God I am OLD!  How did that happen??

Anyway! On to last night's show. 

Kevin arrived on to the stage with no great fanfare in a black suit and white shirt looking altogether more lounge lizard Sinatra than Presley.  Starting with a nice slow "Fever", accompanied by just the double bass it felt cool and crisp,  but not very Elvis!  This it seemed was Doyle's plan as he explained (to both laughter and disappointment) how he was attending Elvis Impersonators Anonymous and trying to wean himself off the white suit and the Elvis moves and allowing us to focus on the sound more.  It also allowed for a nice intro as throughout Fever and leading into Don't be Cruel he was joined on stage by more and more of his musicians building up to full representation, and a full crescendo of sound, from the wonderful The Way it Was Orchestra (who are endorsed by the TCB band don't you forget!).

But you know what.  Who cares what he is wearing this man can sing Elvis!  With or without the white jumpsuit it was a phenomenal first half.  Then a quick break and  the white suit appeared and then things really got heavy.  All the favourites were done, ending with my two absolute favourites - Suspicious Minds and my absolute ABSOLUTE fave Can't Help Falling in Love.

We rocked and we rolled, and it was a great night. A wonderful tribute to Elvis Presley on the 40th anniversary of his death.
His music however lives for ever.  Long live the King.

(Oh special mention of the venue - I love the loft in the Grand Social. I've never had a bad night here)

Don't be Cruel
Return to Sender
Devil in Disguise
(Marie's the name) His latest flame
Can't Stop Loving
Walk a Mile in my Shoes
Pocket full of rainbows
You were always on my mind
Steamroller baby
A little less conversation
I'm all shook up
If I can dream

*costume change*

See See Rider
Guitar Man
I just can't help believing
Love me tender
Burning Love
Pretty little baby
An American Trilogy
Polk Salad Annie
Proud Mary
Viva Las Vegas
Hound Dog
Suspicious Minds
Can't help falling in love

My favourites!
Return to Sender
Devil in Disguise
(Marie's the name) His latest flame
You were always on my mind
Burning Love
Viva Las Vegas
Suspicious Minds
Can't Help Falling in Love

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