Saturday 25 November 2017

Teelings Whiskey - Launch of Revival IV

Earlier this week Enid and I went to a lovely event in Ely Chq where Teelings shared a sampling of their whiskeys and unveiled the fourth release of the Revival series - a really intriguing 15 year old single malt finished in Muscat caskets
While it wasn't a food and whiskey pairing night Teelings kindly laid on a fine spread of some beautiful cheese and charcuterie! 
Our host for the night was Teelings Brand Ambassador Kevin Hurley.  Kevin was entertaining and knowledgeable, and we learnt lots about each whiskey and the whiskey process and industry.  Did you know that whiskey distillers negotiate and buy their casks through a cask broker?!
A lovely addition to the night was award winning sommelier Julia Depouy who brought us through the notes of a lovely Muscat,  Do you remember I mentioned at the beginning of this post how the Revival was finished in a Muscat casket.  It was a wonderful fortified sweet floral wine and it nicely brought the night full circle.
The venue!

Special mention to Ely Chq of which I am a big fan.  It's a 200 year old cigar and tobacco warehouse converted to a wine bar and restaurant.  The vaulted caverns and old brickwork are visually stunning.  And since I was there last. they have done a small redesign adding in some booth areas which really suit the space.

It's all decorated for Chirstmas which was lovely! These photos really don't capture how atmospheric it looked.  It was really a great night all round.  And in other good news, between this night and a previous Paddy's whiskey event I am becoming quite the whiskey aficionado!



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