Saturday 2 December 2017

Moland Street, Dublin 1

Last week I went to collect my bike in the Irish Life carpark via route different to my normal way. This route brought me from the Irish Life Mall down a stairs and past a very unusual piece of Dublin history - and certainly not something you would expect to see in the entranceway of a carpark.
Placed on a high bed amongst some plants in an a type of atrium sits "The Moland Street stone"
The plaque positioned below the 1810 stone explains what it is related to. 
I've done some digging around the internet to see if I can get any more information about this old street but alas I have not uncovered much.  I guess somewhere like the Land Registry office might have more information on it if I was so inclined
I did however find out that this apartment block, on Talbot Street across the road from the Irish Life Mall, and above the Tescos I frequent is named Moland  House!

I think then look of the atrium/display of the stone quite em "unique".  The carpark was likely built late 1970s/early 1980s and I guess this was the best they could come up with at this time time!  That aside, I am glad they kept this stone so I will forgive them on the dodgy display.


It's very 1980s looking don't you think!


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