Tuesday 16 October 2018

A Star is Born

I'm not a big cinema goer - pure dictation of circumstances - I am a cinema fan when I do go,  but I just don't go very often.  However, every now and then a film comes out that I absolutely make it my business to go to.

Falling into that category is A Star is Born.  So good that I have seen it twice.  And so good that I will see it more than twice! 

It is incredible.  An emotional rollercoaster with two amazing leads - the chemistry between them is terrific to watch.  And the cinematography!  It's beautifully shot and lit throughout. The colours in the cabin in the woods are to die for. The music of course is incredible (hello, it's Lady Gaga!)

It's just such a beautiful film...sighhhh. 

Be warned!  Bring tissues!!!

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