Monday 22 October 2018

Busiest weekend ever!

First up, Friday evening, Enid and I went to an Oktoberfest event in the Burlington Hotel

It was a lot of fun! I entered a stein holding competition (I came 5th out of 12) and ate a massive ham hock and a massive German sausage.  There may gave been wine and vodka involved in the night too ;-)  Enid had work the next day so we left around 9pm which was perfect.

On Saturday I went for wings in Wishbone with Katie.
The wings were awesome as always.

After dinner we met Enid at the Bord Gais theatre for the last night of the musical of Rock of Ages.  We've seen a few different productions of it over the years, and this show was just as awesome as we expected and as always.
And then on Sunday, more loveliness!  I met some lovely folk out in Howth. We had a really nice catch-up and a great lunch of Irish seafood fresh from the sea!

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