Tuesday 29 January 2019

On the Basis of Sex

I'm a big fan of Felicity Jones. I first saw her in a pretty rubbishy little film around 2011 that I only watched for the snowboarding.  Chalet girl - pretty rubbishy as I said, but she shone in it.

And then of course she went on to feature/star in the Star Wars films to rave reviews, and I admit I always felt a little possessive of her in a "I knew her when" kind of way.  Anyway, I'm rambling. She is wonderful in this film.  Her facial expressions in particular, are sheer brilliance, and capture that indomitable spirit, look, strength and determination of the wonderful Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The film covers the life, with a focus on the career and marriage, of  RBG from 1959 to 1970.  1959 was her first year in Harvard law school and the movie culminates in 1970 when she takes on a groundbreaking discrimination case.  No spoilers: I won't ruin the film for you, it's definitely worth seeing, but I will say that I had not realized what her life was like during the period leading up to the 1970 case - especially considering her stellar career since then.

It's a film that arouses reaction. Some of it is extremely funny.  When she told the Dean of Harvard that she came to Harvard to learn law so that she could "be a better wife to her husband" (he was in 2nd year of Harvard law at the time), it was a major guffaw moment.  And then at times (a lot) it was bang your head on the wall with frustration - some of the reasons she got turned down for jobs were jaw dropping. But overall, it was a movie that filled me with pride.  What she did for women's liberation was inspirational...and it resonated with me bigtime considering what Ireland has gone through over the last few years.  I was brought back to the memory of all of those doorbells I rang, the conversations I had, the leaflets I gave out, the votes I asked for, during the lead up to the referendum on the 8th Amendment. I was filled with all those emotions again - happiness, pride and RELIEF - we made history and no woman will have to go through what thousands of women did every year in Ireland in the past. One of my favourite blog posts of all time captures my feelings of that time.

The film.
Stay on topic.

I immensely enjoyed seeing the portrayals of her relationship with her husband (beautiful and aspirational) and her relationship with her daughter (passionate, aka fiery at times, and motivational).

Overall I cannot criticize this film a tad.  It is a great depiction, and a wonderful chronicle, of a living legend.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 85 years old and still serving as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. May we have her for some years more.  In these troubling times we need her more than ever.

I hope this film will serve as inspiration for us all to keep fighting the fight.  It too is needed now more than ever.

On a separate lighter note.
Goddamn Felicity Jones rocked that 1970 ponytail, silk scarf and earrings look.  This is not FJ but this is a sample of the look ==>
Next time I am home in Ireland I plan to pick up a Peter O'Brien or Paul Costello scarf in Dunnes to try out the style myself!

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