Saturday, 2 February 2019

Barbecue Tales Part 1 - Steak

One difference (amongst, like a million differences) about my life now, compared with my life in Ireland is all the barbequing I am doing (or grilling as the Americans like to call it!).  So I thought it would be fun to document as I go, all the food we cook and eat "from the grill".

Yesterday I went to meet with my friend Lara, who was in town from Texas for a music festival.  Seeing as Lara is Texan I didn't need a second invitation to take advantage and wear my cowboy boots to our meet up. The cowboy hat was borrowed for the photo from Lara's son in law and friend :)

After enjoying an awesome catch up with Lara, and listening to some good live music in The Green Parrot I headed home for dinner.  On the menu was STEAK!!  Mmmm!

So! Because I only decided today, to start to keep a record and chronicle my barbequing feats, I am afraid I don't have photos of the full meal and sides etc.  You will just have to do with a written log of it instead!
- Steak
- Wild rice
- The Most Fab barbeque sauce ever.  It tasted like a mixture between barbeque sauce and Irish/English brown sauce.
- Guacamole and purple corn chips

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