Thursday 14 May 2020

We have the best neighbours!

I came home to THIS!  A gift dropped over to us by our lovely neighbours. How unbelievably sweet of them.

Isn't the branding and the box just adorable?! And of course you know how much I love Key Lime Pie!

Yep.  Their branding is just perfect!

Slice to meet you :)
A big key lime pie and oh my gosh chocolate dipped key lime pie on a stick, I've always wanted to try that!!

Ummm!  Well excuse me, Mr Two Bars of Chocolate hiding behind the pie on a stick!

So! Tonight we shared the pie on a stick and it was fab! And we had some of the chocolate too.  The pie we are keeping for the weekend and I will be sure to report back how it is...particularly compared to my favourite - the Publix pie!

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