Sunday 19 July 2020


Over the last month, since I blogged last (shame), we've been doing a ton of fishing and eating.  Mainly we have been out on our boat but we did also go out for one big fishing charter for our friend's birthday. And caught THESE:

The fishing on our boat has been pretty good.  Plenty of Grunts caught, which we actually always throw back now...because...we are porgy hunting!!!  Porgy is a little fat fish with the most delicious all white meat.  Versus a grunt which can be a little bloody and gutty. And omg, I was mad for a colorful porkfish for ages, finally we caught and cooked one.  And it was inedible! Completely inedible.  

The big success story to report is that Patrick caught an amazing mutton snapper!! Last piece of bait, last drop of the day. 19 inches of pure plump perfection. It took 5 minutes to land on the boat, and we had to use our net for the first time. 

We cooked it and ate it family style - with a full half of it left over for dinner the next day!! It was huge!

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