Monday 21 September 2020

Vacation Day

I was off work today, and Patrick took a vacation day, so it was a perfect day to do something fun - or lots of fun things as it ended up.

Because our boat is in getting serviced, and because we are both obsessed with fishing, we decided we would go out on a party boat here in town.  We cycled the short spin from our house over to Garrison Bight, stopping off for Cuban sandwiches on the way.  You've just got to have a Cuban sandwich when going fishing for the day! That, and beer :)

Unfortunately, there was not enough of us for the boat to go out so they had to cancel.  We were disappointed, but not too disappointed, we always  knew there was a small risk of this happening. So we cycled home, regrouped, and made an alternative plan for the day.  Road Trip! Small Road Trip!

About 15 miles outside of Key West we stopped at the famous Baby's Coffee where I got myself set up for the day with a giant coffee, mmm. Big excitement when we spotted two F-15 jet planes doing training exercises above us.

From there we headed on to Cudjoe Key to the best shop in the whole world. This fishing warehouse has everything you could ever need and more.  Patrick bought a new fishing rod, got his reel restrung, and bought me a pliers which I use for getting hooks out of fish (my major skill, I may have been a dentist in medieval times in a past life)...who says romance is dead?!

Pictorial round up of the day

Then for lunch we stopped off at Hogfish Bar and Grill.  We have been dying to try this place for ages and it did not disappoint.  It is a fishing bar and is wonderfully atmospheric! We shared an order of fish and chips for $15 and it was just lovely.  Patrick had a beer, so I had a diet coke and was the designated driver for the drive home.  

Back home we relaxed and chilled out.  Patrick hung in the pool, I did a little DIY on our outdoor bathroom while we chatted.  Our friend Garrett called over and that was nice to see him and chat too! After he left, we were both feeling a little nibblish so I made some devilled eggs with Spanish sausage on top.  We both agreed they hit the spot and tasted pretty awesome. All in all a super day!

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