Sunday 27 June 2021

Canada Day (July 1st) party

 Oh Canada! We had a wonderful gathering at our house yesterday to celebrate the upcoming Canada Day.  We held it this weekend so as not to clash with next weekend's 4th of July celebrations.  Our friends pulled out all the stops and we had poutine, shrimp broil, maple leaf jello shots, pineapple from their own yard.  And that is not mentioning all the effort they went to in red and white or Canadian shirts etc. We ordered extra large pizzas and made pancakes and canadian bacon and when we were cleaning up there was not a scrap of any food left over, everyone enjoyed it so much and there was just the right amount for everyone.  And then of course there was the moosehead beer, the Labatts and my famous perennial signature party cocktail Falling Water (a refreshing cucumber vodka sprite beverage).  Photos below capture all the FUN perfectly. 


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