Monday 14 June 2021

Key West Pride 2021

Island House (men's only resort/hotel) opens their doors to women just one day a year, and for like just 4 hours, every year during Pride.  So of course I have to go lol.  Here is my post from the 2019 event.  None in 2020 of course due to stupid covid.

I arrived early and bumped into my work colleague Paul.  Soon after that Isabelle arrived too.  Good eats (nice hor doeuvres) and good drink (sponsored by Stoli, yay!).  It was a really fun night.  And then we were booted out at 9pm (one hour past the close of the event) and the resort reverted back to their men's only little private club.  Thanks for the hospitality, see you next year Island House!


Pool party, woohoo!

She is tipsy

She is a mermaid

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