Sunday 5 September 2021

Brewfest 2021, Key West

 After a 2020 hiatus (Goddamn you covid) Brewfest was back in Key West.  My first time attending and I was just thrilled with it - a beer festival beside the sea, how delightful!

I am already looking forward to next year and will do everything exactly the same, except next year I shall have a home made, real, edible PRETZEL NECKLACE around my neck for nibbling on.  This is apparently a thing over here in the USA!!  And a good thing I must say!

Jenni and I both got the pink check shirt memo.  Out of sight in this photo is her pretzel necklace

Saved the best for last.  He found the Guinness!

Megan and Amy.  You can kind of see Megan's pretzel necklace in this photo?

Oh! You can see more of it in this one.  

Look! A beer festival on the beach!!

Mahou.  A Spanish beer from the Granada area.  This emerged to be Patrick and mine's favourite

Pink Smirnoff Ice. Em.  No comment. Because I am far from my twenties in Ireland in Boomerang Nightclub, Temple Bar I did NOT try this.

Look at that view!!!

This is fun! About two blocks away from the beach is a house which was used as a film location for the James Bond "License to Kill". Conveniently the number of the house is 707 lol.

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