Saturday 18 September 2021

September Supper Club

September is a quiet month for tourism so many of the (good) restaurants on the island do a locals special as a thank you for your support during the year.  Plus I guess it also means the restaurants stay somewhat busy in what can be a very quiet month (not this year!!! But others).

So I've been getting together with the Squad (as Joe calls us) and we've been making good use of September to eat out.

Here we are in Bel Mare who had a good deal on their pasta dishes and wine. And in such a beautiful setting.  This place gets a recommendation from me.
And then! Last Thursday.  In what is officially my favourite restaurant "Cafe Sole".  A nice discount off the whole bill for locals (broadly your tip I guess), lovely atmosphere, amaaaaaazing food.  If you are coming to Key West and planning just one good restaurant I say consider this.


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