Sunday 6 February 2022

Artisan Bread

One of life's little delights is a sandwich dipped into soup.  Convince me otherwise.
And throw in a newspaper.  Well hello baby, I am in heaven.

We recently found a new place for lunch (and bread!) and have started going quite regularly.  Cole's Peace which is located in The Restaurant Store on Eaton Street describes themselves as an artisan bread bakery, and I suppose for Key West this is true. 
I sound a little scathing about KW don't I?  Hmm, how best to say this.  Okay! So, Key West likes to think it is a "foodie" town...and if you are a tourist here for a few days....yes, you will find some great food.  If you live here...will you regularly find something great and new and delicious to try?  No.  Simple as.  Key West is small, and compared to Chicago or New York etc, over time (very quickly) you end up having tried everywhere and running out of new places.

But hey!  Don't get me wrong!  It is still Paradise.  I still love every single day of living here.  But the food is what it is.

Ps. I really recommend Cole's Peace.  Their soup is DIVINE and sandwiches are varied and flavoursome.  And lovely people working there - great service. Definite thumbs up from me.

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